Completely Web Based

You can do everything in your web browser. Make a quiz, create a theme, distrubute your quiz, and view reports completely online. There's never any software to download, install or update.

8 Question Types

With QuizEgg, you can build challenging online tests. You aren't stuck with multiple choice questions, you can spice things up with matching, ordering, fill in the blank, muliple response, word list, essay, and true/false questions.

Many question types are available with this test maker

Quiz Settings

You can completely customize how your quiz is taken. Randomize the order of questions, allow retakes, set a timer, show answers after each question or at the end of the quiz, limit who can take your quiz. Those are just a few things you can adjust with QuizEgg.

QuizEgg allows for 8 different types of test questions

Upload Pictures and Files

Need to attach a file to your quiz or question? That's not a problem with QuizEgg. Upload Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and a variety of other files.

Upload files with the QuizEgg quiz maker

Professional, Customizable Themes

Select a pre-made theme or build your own with QuizEgg's theme editor. You can upload your logo, change colors, fonts and more.

Customize the look of your quiz with QuizEgg

Publishing Settings

Quizzes are published to the web automatically for you. There are no files to upload, and nothing to export or import. It just works. Your quiz is accessible through a short web address.

Your tests are published automatically

Detailed Reports

QuizEgg's most powerful feature is its reports. Below is just a sample of what you have access to:

Your tests are published automatically

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